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What We Are About

The Connecticut Rose Society is a local organization which is part of the American Rose Society (ARS)

History: The Connecticut Rose Society was founded in 1980 as a non-profit, educational organization for the purpose of teaching people to grow better roses. Through our educational programs and annual Rose Show, we promote the appreciation and growing of roses.

Modern Rose Society: The CRS continues to promote our exciting and interesting garden hobby.  Our annual programs and gatherings generally include sessions on how to grow roses better in our region (and this website expands on this in the Reference Section), we have sessions that feature and promote rose bloom and garden photography, including an annual Calendar featuring our gardens (see the Gallery section of the site), we have an annual Rose Show (see Rose Show section and the Gallery herein) and several meetings featuring camaraderie such as our Holiday Luncheon, Summer Picnic and gatherings in private and public rose gardens.  Come and meet us, and consider joining (see the Membership section).

2022-OGR after 1867-George Oliva-Candler
2022-Mini in Bowl-Hello Gorgeous_Candler
2022-Best Climber-Stormy Weather-Candler
2022-Mini in Bowl-Hello Gorgeous_Candler
2022- Single Petal- Golden Wings-Lau
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