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In case you were looking for us...
Board of Directors of CRS



Co-Presidents: Becky Martorelli and Marci Martin

Vice President:

Program Co-Chairs: Marci Martin & Becky Martorelli

Secretary: Kathryn Hanlon

Treasurer: Dave Long

Newsletter: Theresa DeCubellis

Rose Sales/Fundraising: Leslie Jean & Robert Martin, Jr.

Nominating: Maureen Kummer

Consulting Rosarian: Jason Capote

Membership: Thomas and Kathleen Fabian

Hospitality: Anne Marie Monteiro

Rose Show:  Dave Candler & Jacqui Nye    

Social Media/Publicity: Jay Hartling

Website: Dave Candler

Members at Large:
Mike Fuss
Toni Simonetti
Sandy Long




Past Presidents of Connecticut Rose Society

2021-2022 Kasey Crouse
2018-2021 Dave Ciak
2015-2017 Marci Martin
2013-2015 Mirjana Toyn
2011-2013 Becky Martorelli
2007-2011 Marci Martin
2005-2007 Dave Long
2003-2005 Dave Candler
2001-2003 Dan Cotton
1999-2001 Steve Rogers
1997-1999 John Mattia
1995-1997 Donna Fuss
1993-1995 Art Emmons
1991-1993 Sam Goldstein
1989-1991 Walt Lasher
1987-1989 Ron Brand
1985-1987 Dave Berg
1980-1985 Mike Fuss

The CT Rose Team

These are the underpaid Officers of our Society



   Anne Marie Monteiro


  Social Media/Publicity

        Jay Hartling

Members at Large

Mike Fuss
Toni Simonetti
Sandy Long

Bronze Medal:

2023:  Judy Paniccia

2022:  covid, no award

2021:  Kathleen and Thomas Fabian

2020:  Jacqui Nye

2019:  Bob Martin

2018:  Mirjana Toyn

2017:  Dave Candler

2016:  Marge and Earl Obst

2015:  Becky Martorelli

2014:  Marci Martin

2013:  Wally and Marty Parsons

2012:  Claranne and Jim Parker

2011:  Dave and Dot Ciak

2010:  Sandy and Dave Long

2009:  Art Emmons

2006:  Carol Ann and Steve Rogers

2005:  Mike Fuss

2000:  John Mattia

Past Lifetime Achievements:

2023:  Dave and Dot Ciak

2021:  Dave Candler

2020:  Dave and Sandy Long

2019:  Marci Martin, Claranne and Jim Parker

2018:  John Mattia and Mike Fuss

Rosarian of the Year:​

2023:  Maureen Kummer

2020:  Becky Martorelli

2019:  Marci Martin

2018:  Becky Martorelli




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