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Rose References

Diseases, Insect Pests, Deficiencies and things that are Offenders or Photos of Bad Results (Some photos are very good/instructive):

Rose Fragrance 

  • Rose Societies and related Organizations

Our ARS District


Other ARS District Websites

Local ARS Societies in Remote Districts

Rose Suppliers/Hybridizers


  • Own-Root Rose Suppliers:  See above:  Heirloom Roses, High Country Roses

  • Grafted Rose Suppliers:  See above: Pickering Nurseries, Edmunds, Regan Nursery

  • Miniature Rose Suppliers: See above, but very few these days

  • Rose Photography How-to 
  • How to photograph flowers:



  • Elizabeth Park- Prospect and Asylum Streets, West Hartford, CT

  • Norwich Memorial Rose Garden- Rockwell St., Mohegan Park, Norwich, CT

  • Pardee Rose Garden- 180 Park Rd., New Haven, CT

  • Boothe Rose Garden- 5774 Main St., Stratford, CT

  • Wethersfield Rose Garden

Rhode Island:

New York:

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