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List of CRS Members that are ARS Certified Consulting Rosarians

Consulting Rosarians (CRs) are members of the American Rose Society and active members of a local society. 
They comprise a national network of local rose experts, ready and willing to give expert advice.
They have grown roses of various types for at least five years and are knowledgeable about the equipment and materials related to rose culture. They have attended an ARS School for Consulting Rosarians and have passed an examination based on the material in the Consulting Rosarian Reference Manual.
CRs enthusiastically inspire a love and appreciation of roses, their culture and exhibition by contributing their time and talents educating the public.
These members of the Connecticut Rose Society are available to society members and the public. CRs with e-mail address listed are Society Cyber Consulting Rosarians, and will answer e-mail questions. 

Name                                                    Email                                      Location                                          Certification       ___

Candler, Dave                                  Southeastern CT                             Master Rosarian

Capote, Jason                               Brooklyn, NY                              CR Committee Chair

Cannistraro, Dave                               Stow, MA

Chute, Angie and Mike, E. Providence, RI                        Master Rosarians

Curtin, Patti                                   Wethersfield, CT

Davis, Bruce                             Southern, MA

Dorschel, Craig                     Worcester, MA

Ehrenreich, Irwin and Cindy          Barnstable, MA

Fraser, Cynthia                               Concord, MA

Fuss, Mike                                                   Bloomfield, CT.                             Master Rosarian

Gaiewski, Nancy.                              Rhode Island

Hartling, Jay                                         Groton, CT

Lau, Zak                                                             Newington

Long, Dave                                      Old Lyme                                   Master Rosarian

Martin, Marci                              Suffield                                     Master Rosarian

Martorelli, Rebecca.                      Meriden                                    Master Rosarian

Mosher, Teresa                    Methuen, MA

Paniccia, Judy                                             New Fairfield                              Master Rosarian

Parsons, Wally                            Westfield, MA                             Master Rosarian

Retsema, Arija             

Redway, Sue                                     Old Saybrook

Simonetti, Toni                                       Southwestern, CT

Toyn, Mirjana                                     Guilford




The following are ARS Consulting Rosarian Emeritus:

Marty Parsons Westfield, MA
Bob Prill          Newington, CT
Steve Rogers   Weathersfield, CT
Dan Russo       Southington, CT
Art Emmons     Weatague, CT
Nancy Mixter   Simsbury, CT
June Berg         Bloomfield, CT
Dave Berg        Bloomfield, CT
Joan Brazzel     Stratford, CT 

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